TE500 - Walk Through Infrared Temperature Scanner

Our TE500 unit is CE & ISO 9001 certified and designed for rapid entry TEMPERATURE SCANNING. Scans are displayed on the red LED display within 1 seconds. Accuracy is + or - 0.5 degrees. Optimum measuring distance is 19"-39". Audio alarms: 94.0 -99.1 "Welcome", Low or abnormal reading "Please Re-Test", readings above 99.1 (LOUD BEEPING). NOTE: Due to the many environmental factors affecting the long throw infrared camera, we recommend a secondary hand held temperature scanning on all "HI" alarms. Setup and testing is included. You significantly reduce the manpower required for temperature scans. 12 month parts replacement warranty.

The dimensions are 79"H x 27.5" W x 15.7" D. Easy access stanadard 110V electrical plugs and power switches are provided on either lower left or lower right legs of the unit. Four secure floor mounting holes are provided.


UT670 - Temperature Scanner w/ Facial Recognition & Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

The UT670 is an advanced unit designed for more secure and controlled entry and even more accurate temperature scanning. This unit utlilizes facial reconginition technology to record the temperature of individuals who enter the premises. The UT670 recognizes if the preson is wearing a mask or not! The built-in hand sanitizer dispensing unit demonstrates added responsibilty wherever the UT670 is deployed. The obvious trade off is a slower pass through (entry) rate given the convenience and time to dispense the liquid. The added benefit is accessible data records and audit trails, black and white list, this unit is ready for corporate systems integration.

Specifications: Recognition speed less than 0.2s, Linux OS, 7" 1024 x600 display screen, Running memory: 4GB DDR3, storage capacity 32GB, 10/100 RJ45 ethernet port, IP54, Dimensions are L * W * H : 247mm * 126.9mm * 26.6mm . Facial recognition accuracy over 99%, supports 485 and Wiegand output signals, automatic adaptation to light, audio voice notifications. Embedded & integrated design.


FS210 - Fast Scanning Temperature Reader with Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

The FS210 is designed for simple, quick and effective temperature scanning. This unit utlilizes the infrared sensor to measure and display the body temperature in real time based on non-contact scanning of the forehead or wrist.

Specifications: Accuracy: +or- 0.3c, voice alarm for normal and abnormal temperatures, recognition speed less than 0.5s. Modern & integrated design.

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COVID-19 SPECIAL: Now offering a 12 Month LEASE TO OWN option on all Temperature Scanning units. Leasing can reduce your cost of ownership to just $7.43 per day per unit! Please contact us to discuss this and other solutions. A 10% discount will apply on purchases of 6 or more units. NOTE: We also have units WITH METAL DETECTION.

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